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Coffee culture is evolving toward single source beans and traditional brewing methods

Coffee consumption is returning to its roots. Selecting beans from a single source (farm or region), and using time-honored preparation methods is an increasingly popular way to enjoy a fine cup of coffee.

Today, we don't just speak about Colombian or Brazilian coffee, we often focus on a specific region of origin, such as Huila, Nariño or Antioquia. Like the concept of terroir in wine, coffee lovers are now recognizing that diverse climates and altitudes can affect the aromas and flavors of coffee.

This trend, known as the "third wave of coffee" gained momentum in Portland, Oregon, which is today recognized as one of the best places to try different types of handcrafted coffees. Heart Roasters, on the west side of the city, offers beans from specific farms in Latin America and Africa. Barista, located in Nob Hill, serves some of the finest lattes in the state and Water Avenue Coffee features Chemex carafes at their bar, showing that classic brewing techniques are alive and well.

Juan Valdez® Café is fully embracing the "third wave." Our Juan Valdez® Orígenes store, located in Bogota, allows visitors to enjoy a deeper coffee experience. Through a variety of single origin coffees and preparation methods, visitors can immerse themselves in the coffee culture, and get closer to discovering their Perfect Cup. We also have a Juan Valdez® Orígenes location in Kuala Lumpur.

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