Notas de Café
It's during the roasting process that the coffee beans reveal their true character.

The small green beans that arrive at the roasters undoubtedly give coffee part of its flavor. However, it’s through the roasting process that the beans express unique attributes such as sharp or fruity notes, gentle or strong flavors, and body and mouth feel.

Like an artist who experiments with a canvas and a brush, Jhon Freddy Mora, our master roaster for the past thirteen years, interprets the biological and chemical conditions of the different origins and finds the appropriate method for roasting each bean. Raised in Armenia, a traditional coffee growing region, Jhon Freddy has the ability to recognize the origin of each fruit. Furthermore, his academic background allows him to determine the type of roasting required for adapting the beverage to the preferences of coffee lovers.

Jhon Freddy takes his work very seriously. "I believe that in this profession, as in others, you need an ethical personality and a very high level of social responsibility," he says. "You have to think about the community, about Colombian coffee growing and about the country. Each action carried out is our contribution to the future and the present. It’s important not to forget this and to work with passion. If this ceases to exist, it will be better to move on."

Like many of us, Jhon Freddy starts his day with a cup of coffee. He has to follow a strict diet and workout in order to cleanse his body and not pollute his taste buds. In addition to ensuring the quality of 100% roasted Juan Valdez® Café beans, his work as master roaster includes evaluating samples and understanding the origin of the beans in order to provide the best flavor to coffee lovers around the world.


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