Notas de Café
We are now proud to roast, prepare and share a premium coffee that has won accolades in a globally recognized competition.

The scene was the Cup Of Excellence, an international competition for the world's finest coffees. Out of over 400 entries, only 31coffees had been chosen as winners. One of them, Café Finca La Miranda (from Colombia, of course), was up for sale at auction.

We put in our bid. So did multiple other buyers from around the globe. We were outbid. For a moment, all hope was lost, but then we took a deep breath, put in a higher bid and prayed no other buyer would offer more. It was the longest moment of our lives.

In the end, we won that auction, and now we can proudly serve Café Finca La Miranda in our stores, and offer it for sale online.

With an intense flavor, soft notes evoking tea and mint, and an aroma reminiscent of caramel and ripe, red fruits, Café Finca La Miranda is proudly grown by Don Hiyer Adolfo Vargas Lezcano, a grower from Caicedo Antioquia.

Our master roaster Jhon Freddy Mora, is most satisfied with Café Finca La Miranda, as it confirms his belief that Colombia produces the finest coffee in the world. He suggests preparing it in a dripper or syphon.


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