Notas de Café
If all this talk about body, acidity and flavor notes is Greek to you, don't sweat it. Here are a few tips to help you become a great coffee connoisseur.

1. The first thing to be aware of in a coffee is its body, which can be full, medium or low. The term “body” refers to the sensation of fullness in the mouth. Water, for example, has a very low body. The more body a coffee has, the stronger the sensation of fullness in your mouth.

2. Prepare your tongue to identify acidity, which is another one of the principal qualities of a coffee. This too can be high, medium or low. Don’t confuse acidity with bitterness, though both are felt in the same region of the tongue. When we talk about acidity, we are talking about an acidic flavor similar to that of lemon. Acidity reveals itself in notes of taste relative to sweet flavors--known as fruity acidity--which give life to the coffee, making it more interesting.

3. Finally, take in the aroma that emerges when you open the bag, grind the coffee, prepare it and drink it. A good coffee makes itself noticed at each step. Now, of course, take care not to leave the bag opened or overheat the coffee, since that can cause the attributes of the aroma to be lost.

Now you are ready to experiment with all the coffees that Juan Valdez® Café has to offer. From now on, you will know what the baristas are talking about when they describe the characteristics of a coffee, and before long, you'll be dazzling your friends with your refined coffee palate.


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